The Typical Types of Properties Found in Singapore

The Typical Types of Properties Found in Singapore

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So what types of properties can you rent or purchase if you’re in Singapore? Well, there are actually many.

Majority of the houses are called public housing. They are the ones that are planned and regulated by the HDB or the Housing and Development Board. They are also the residences of over 75 percent of the population. They are normally form small communities, with schools, transport, health care facility, and other basic services.

If you want to save on your flat, it’s best to start looking for them first, as their cost will rarely go beyond a thousand dollars. Moreover, you have several types of flats to choose, from one-bedroom to five bedroom. You may even find a mansionette, with rooms composed of two levels.

Those who are living in the busier districts are in apartments and condominiums. At first glance, you cannot tell the difference as they’re often described as skyscrapers. However, they are different in the sense you get a lot of services and facilities from condominiums. Only a few, though, can afford them as they are worth around 10,000 dollars. Apartments normally don’t have shared amenities, though they can offer 24-hour security.

There are also landed properties, but they don’t come very often. Knowing how small Singapore is, the government is apprehensive of building individual houses in a very limited land.

Nevertheless, if you truly value your privacy and you’re most likely staying in the country for good, these homes are going to be very good investments.

A lot of these landed properties are bungalows or detached homes, semi-detached houses, and terrace houses.

You may also find some of the homes that are very old. They are the ones that are usually aspired—and coveted—by the expats because of their very unique architectural design, story, and location.

You have the colonial houses, which are easy to spot since they almost have the same look and structure. They are painted white and are made of black wood. Some of the terrace houses have been built during Singapore’s pre-war. They bear Chinese influence.

Before you settle for a property, compare the price, location, and features. This way you’re getting something worthy of your money. cke